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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> welcome the aljazeera america, dell walters. here are the stories we are following for you. >> it verifies that the witness accounts were true, that he was shot multiple times. >> the attorneys for michael brown releasing the results of a private autopsy on the teen that was shot and killed in ferguson, missouri. president obama is meeting with the security team involving in iraq. the security council urging
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both sides to maintain their truce in gaza. >> there are a lot of fast moving developments in ferguson, missouri today. right now the police are telling the protestor they cannot stand around in groups and moving them back from the area where they have gathered and moved the media. so we are speaking to our reporter by phone. what exactly is happening right now? >> well, dell, we knew that the police had been asking the crowd to disperse. it is volatile and things are very tense despite the early hour and the crowd was being dispersed and we didn't know we would be told to leave the premises, which we have. >> has there been any action in ferguson to the news conference that happened a
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short while ago? >> the toe focus, would the parents get the answers, did michael brown suffer and the answer was no and while i think that registered with the parents, today the reaction is one of anger, anger at the police. the naacp addressed the looting and shooting and the whole bit, several people were injured last night in the shootings during the news conference earlier. >> we can chew gum and walk at the same time and deliver justice and at the same time protect the residents living there and provide them the resources they need and interface with the businesses and provide them the resources they need. >> and you know, so many of the businesses are boarded up even though they have signs saying they are open.
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the mcdonald's here was flashpoint last night, a crowd overran the employees and the front window was shattered and the employees hiding inside of a storage unit. >> they have taken away me for providing for my family. i thought things would calm down sooner. a lot of angry people out there. >> now, the national guard is expected on the streets of ferguson today. we haven't seen them yet, this was supposed to be the first day of school instead the school is cancelled and the kids with bags and picking up the garbage and debris left over from the protests last night. >> thank you. the police are saying he didn't suffer talking about michael brown, and the unarmed
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teen killed by the police in ferguson, missouri shot at least six times that is the results of the early autopsy performed. he performed the autopsy by the request of the family and saying he and the colleagues findings coincide with the witness accounts. >> there are abraise i don't knows around the right side of mr. brown's face, rubbing against the ground, which happened as best as we can tell when after the gunshot wounds he fell unprotected and got those. no evidence of a struggle. >> now earlier aljazeera talked with a democratic committee woman from ferguson and witnessed the protests last night as they grew more and more violent. >> a lot is going on, you
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can't see and know everything that is going on. but apparently there was a molltav cocktail thrown and had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. this is before the mid night curfew. about 8:30 time. there were a lot of people here. a lot of children were here and the police had to use it for crowd control and after that things were chaotic. >> do you think that the police are justified with the use of the tear gas to disperse the crowd? >> i'm not a public safety expert, but from what i can tell it is a good reason to disperse tear gas, especially for the public safety concerns. what would quell a lot of this if they would charge and arrest the officer that did this. this is the outcry from the community.
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>> now, before last night's chaos, a local church over flowed with people. >> they came from miles, thousands of people with a number of stories and united for justice for michael brown. most of the crowd never made it inside of the church and listened out on the radio. her 15-year-old son a killed by the st. louis county police in 2012 and police say he pointed a rifle at the officer. she's here for her son and mike brown. > it is bringing back the bad memories. the cases are similar. this has to stop. it can't keep going. it don't stop here. if we don't do something about it, it is going to continue to happen. >> for those going inside, they saw michael brown's
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family. >> we saw millions of dollars roll down all kind of military equipment, like you were at war with your citizens. if you have enough money to bring all that equipment in here, you got money for jobs for these young people. >> people here say that love is their weapon and some are opting to wear the message. but even displaying it is a challenge. dozens parked up the interstate. >> the traffic was just vicious. a lot of people backed up. we tried to get out and couldn't and pulled over to show support. >> let the word out, someone was killed and the policeman is not in jail. >> for a week now in ferguson,
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you are able to hear the anger. feel the outrage and see the sadness. sunday was no different. >> so here is where we stand, two autopsies are performed on the body of a michael brown. the first by the medical examiner's office and the second by dr. bodden. he needs a clearer picture of the body after the shooting, so far the results are matching the witnesses accounts. >> the question could the wound occur from walking around and he turns around? it is consistent with that. the arm is a mobil part of the body and could have occurred when putting his hands up, i put up my hands and you see where the wound is at. it could have happened if the arms in a defensive manner.
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we don't know. >> also, why the first autopsy is so important. >> the most important autopsy is the first one, the body is not disturbed yet and within the chain of custody and that is the most important one in documents the physical findings and the gun powder and the clothing and they are preserved in the documentations and photographs and additional information from the second or third autopsy is always scrutinized because the first one you cut into the body and washing the body and taking the samples of the tissue. >> the president cutting short his vacation and back in town for two days of meetings and the run was planned before
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ferguson or the air strikes in iraq. libby is live in washington, libby, it is rare that the homicide of a black man attracts the attention of a president and why so much attention at the white house? >> the attorney general said yesterday when announced he's seeking a federal autopsy performed on michael brown saying there are intraordinary circumstances surrounding the 18-year-old death. the senior adviser said that the president's main objective is giving the community the confidence that justice is done. taking in combination of a what happened to michael brown and the community's reactions and the concerns with the law enforcement it has risen to a national level. it is not being done in add veer summarily way with the
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governor. the attorney general and the president emphasizing that they need to see a federal role. to that end, president obama asked the attorney general to brief him on the latest. >> also on the agenda today iraq, the white house informing congress yesterday that u.s. armed forces are expanding the mission there, why does the president want the troops to be more engaged? >> the main concern says the white house is the mosul dam. there are concerns they could flood the communities like baghdad or cut off the water supply and that would jeopardize millions of people. >> okay, you are back. we lost you for a second. continue now. >> i'm with you. central command saying there are strikes in the region,
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fighters, bombers and drone attacks, this is all centered around for the fight for the dam. the president reached out to congress in a letter and let them now he's expanded the mission but the white house an is saying they are short and limited in duration, dell. >> thank you, libby. >> we have much more on the crisis in iraq. straight ahead on aljazeera america, the latest on who is controlling the mosul dam as a number of greats claim they are. the cease fire between gaza and israel is set to expire soon and using the time to rebuild their lives. eir li
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>> in iraq there are competing claims on who controls the mosul dam. the ground fighting started on sunday. we have the latest from iraq.
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>> and that is being the unrest in ferguson, missouri last night. now to situation in ukraine. the military is closing in there. there is a strong hold and the fumes of smoke is filling the skyline. in neighboring cities they have taken over the city. the military is saying that dozens of civilians were killed when the buses were hit by the rockets. >> you have heard of lines for bread, now standing in line for water. the water supplies shut off because of the fighting and damaging the power lines. >> that five day cease fire in gaza is set to expire at 5:00
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p.m. eastern time. there is little hope that a long term peace deal will be reached by then. the officials outlined the current goals for gaza. >> we hope that the cease fire will be extended. it is essential that the guns remain sigh levant to allow the people to resume the necessities of daily lives and recovery efforts and addressing the many fold needs of the people in gaza. >> nearly two thousand palestines killed in the conflict. >> and with the cease fire in place, a lot of gazans are returning to the homes and most of them looking a long road to rebuild not just their homes but their lives. >> on july 27th, the family at home when israeli soldiers started to bulldoze it.
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nothing left of it now. the war was raging and as they fled the family shot at. >> they didn't have enough information. they needed more. they were asking me about hamas. they wanted to know who in this area is from hamas. who was in charge. >> he lives a farming village on the edge of gaza, six israeli soldiers wounded here in the battles of the hamas fighters. >> one of the main objectives of the israeli army is discovering the network of the tunnels leaded to israel, but they have destroyed their lyely hoods. even the little cemetery was not spared. the destruction flanks the area, the trees uprooted and
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the farmed land ruined and the factories destroyed. >> they have destroyed everything. they want us to leave this place. we are going to return and rebuild once again. >> a half million people are now homeless. >> he says unprecedented amount of fire power unleashed on gaza. >> they wanted to inflect the pain and death in the hearts and minds. no region can justify what israel did here. this is real and strong example of war crimes. >> human rights groups are calling for investigation into the alleged war crimes and the u.n. named a panel to look into the matter. for gaza living among the
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rubble, an investigation may not be enough to bring an end to the suffering and pain. >> and we now have a story from iraq and there are claims of who is in control of the mosul dam and air strikes supplied by the united states. >> they too of the military operation to recapture the mosul dam we cannot confirm that the dam is now under the control of the forces and the iraqi arm as was mentioned by the spokesperson of the iraqi army. the dam is behind me. you can see it in the distance. the fighters on the west side of the dam and the other forces are on the right. the spokesperson he's not confirming at all. saying that the fighting is on going. yes, there is cooperation with the iraqi officials but the
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other fighters are waging this battle, but of course with the help of the u.s. military, the u.s. air force are up in the skies, we hear the planes and they are targeting the islamic state positions, and it is difficult to control the dam, because what we understand is that the islamic state group booby trapped and explosive devices and advancing is difficult and there is progress on the ground. the forces recaptured three towns and the three kilometers from the town. >> there are 17 ebola patients missing in liberia today. they were being treated and attacked by an angry mob yesterday. they broke down the door of the clinic and calling the ebola a hoax. they fear that the escaped patients and the equipment could further spread the virus
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with more than a million residents there. >> three chinese medical experts are nearby to evaluate the epidemic. >> and in kenya, businesses are experiencing a downturn. taxi drivers are reporting fewer fares because the tourism is down in africa even though no one in the country is diagnosed with ebola. >> coming up on aljazeera america, another wild fire is burning in california, now the campers are forced to evacuate a national forrest. >> a challenge on the internet, how dumping a bucket of ice over your head is fighting a neurological disease. disease. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm dell walters and here are the headlines at this hour. michael brown the unarmed teen shot at least six times, the early findings suggest that two of the gunshots were to the head. no evidence of a struggle either. the governor is calling out the gnarl gord in ferguson. the first day of school cancelled again today. at this hour, the president is meeting with the attorney general holder, and discussed the situation in iraq with the national security council. >> pope francis is back to the vatican and left seoul on the final day and attended a festival for the asian youth day. >> well, getting drenched for
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a good cause, it is called the ice bucket challenge, and taking the internet by storm. it is a fundraiser gone viral. >> so much bad news and we have a found that everybody will enjoy, you have been looking at twitter and facebook what are the friends doing and shivering and screaming. the als use bucket challenge and here are the details. if you have been online, there is a chance you have seen someone taking the als ice bucket challenge, dumping the ice cold water on their heads and nominating others to do the same. too cold for you, well make a donation. als lou ger iing's disease.
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it ends the brain's ability to control the muscles. today a viral campaign the thrusting the fatal disease into the spot light, 15 new cases are diagnosed every day and as many 30,000 americans have the disease at any given time. als affects 20 a% more men than women. the life expectancy of a patient averages about two to five years after diagnosis. there's currently no cure. which is why money for the research is so important. ice bucket challenges are not new, but 29-year-old als patient decided to use it to call attention to the disease. he and a friend are responsible for starting the campaign. >> so many people didn't understand what als was. >> i'm accepting the als ice
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bucket challenge. >> celebrities and politicians alike all joining in on the trend and it is paying off, the als association says from july 29th to august 14th the national and state a chapters have seen a 146,000 new donors and raised $7.6 million compared to 1.2 million in the same period last year. >> wow, that is an incredible amount of money. you never know what is going to take off. this is going around the world. >> how cold was it? >> well, you didn't think we were going to do the story without anybody from aljazeera getting wet, come on, so in the shadow of the empire state building on saturday, this is what happened, we have edited this together. >> no ice in there, just the water? >> there is ice in there.
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it was a hot and sunny day. by the way, don't i look cute in shorts? >> do it again with ice. thanks a lot. >> a fast moving wild fire is scorching 350 acres south of los angeles and forcing hundreds of campers out of the national forest. the main highway going into the forrest is shutdown. all eyes throughout the summer have been on whether the weather forecast is going to cooperate. did it? >> can't get enough rain out there. it is dry and more fires to the south and to the north. red flag warning still in effect here, northern california and portions of oregon because of the northwest is very dry. we are getting the storms developing but a lot of the rain is not reaching the grouped but getting the light
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anyone and the fires are started here. the storms are flaring up in the slope and the valleys here and the sun comes up, you start to see the clouds clearing out and the smoke is still there. more complexes of the fires developing and they are named, the teams arrive to the scene and give it a name, often referring to where the fire is. it tells the crews where to go and also named are the tropics. two named storms so far. not likely to see more in the week or so. it is dry air across much of the atlantic. the storms coming from africa dealing with the dry air. the peak of the season by september 10 september 10th. so between now and the 10th the storms could be ramping up. but not much going with the
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dryer air. ah not happy about the happy campfire. >> thank you for watching aljazeera america. te techknow is next. caltech this is "techknow", a show about innovations that saves lives. we explore hardware and humanity in a unique way. this is a show about scientists by scientists. let's check out the team of so-called nerves. lindsay moran, an analyst - new technology can make guns safer. does it work. we put it to the "techknow" test.